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Forged from the fires of AAA, M80 Games is an independent studio driven by the explosive power of passion. We craft unique experiences across platforms, fueled by a small, tight-knit team where everyone wears multiple hats and creativity knows no bounds. Oh, and we adore cats!

Our canvas is limitless. We bring our passion to PC, console, VR/AR, and mobile, painting immersive worlds across every platform. And if you’re looking to detonate your own projects, we’re your partners in explosive success. Let our AAA experience fuel your studio’s next adventure.

Steve George


With a career spanning over 30 years and culminating in the founding of M80 Games, Steve has journeyed from pixel-pushing engineer to architect of AAA epic titles. 

Aden George

Engineer – Artist

More than a game dev, he’s a gamescape architect! Aden has been blending code, canvas, and sound into immersive realities for over 10 years.


M80 Games

San Diego 



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