Changing the game


Thanks to exploits found in the simulation, you have backup bodies, referred to as Avatars, incase you are killed. Each Avatar will initially be equipped with a random weapon and special gadget giving some Avatars more importance over others depending on situation and/or preference.

The simulation

You’ve been trapped in a simulated world created by an unknown organization. Promised a way out, you follow a plan created by a mysterious person who goes by the name of NULL and battle your way through the simulation. 

The simulation changes every time you play through it giving you a unique storyline experience each time you play. You will most likely not play the storyline in the same order as before, there may be some interruptions during your playthrough, the simulation is unpredictable. 



Everything will try to kill you.. Atleast have the upperhand…

The dealers of the simulation offer a wide variety of exotic weapons and an even wider variety of attachments to build the perfect gun to your needs. 

With Amplify’s weapon constructor, you can make every weapon perfect for any situation if built correctly.


Don’t worry you’ll always have a trick up your sleeve

Gadgets are a main component of Amplify and are equipped directly to your avatars. Each Avatar will hold a gadget different from the others making some Avatars significantly more useful than others depending on the situation.

Gadgets are split up into 3 categories that accommodate different playstyles and situations. These categories include: Defensive Gadgets, Offensive Gadgets, and Neutral Gadgets. 

Defensive Gadgets are gadgets that are used in defensive situations, an example could be a bubble shield or a stim shot. These are gadgets that can protect you during combat.

Offensive Gadgets are gadgets that are used in combative situations. An example is a fragmentation grenade or an AI-controlled ball that helps you fight enemies.

Neutral Gadgets are gadgets that fall in-between the other categories. An example of a neutral gadget are Concussion Grenades which can be used to stun enemies and give you a chance to escape or stun enemies and give you a chance to attack. 

About the project

Amplify aims to provide a first person shooter experience unlike no other.

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